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Which Fluke Thermal Imager Should I Buy?

When it comes to thermal imaging, Fluke is one of the most recognized names in the industry, and for good reason. Their attention to detail, ruggedness, and ease of use has made them a preferred manufacturer from both novices and professionals alike.

Fluke offers a broad range of products geared towards numerous uses. Because of this, it may be a bit difficult at first when determining which Fluke thermal imager is right for your needs. Knowing what your most common applications and needs are beforehand will go a long way in helping you decide which to purchase.

For the sake of clarity, we have narrowed down three of the best Fluke IR cameras on the market, each suited for a certain type of user and specific needs.

The Novice

More and more homeowners are being turned on to thermal imaging as a way to both inspect their home for basic preventative maintenance, as well as assistance in repairs and other small uses. This can include determining if a wall outlet is running hot, looking for air leaks around a door or window, or even scanning their pet to see if they have a fever.

The beginner or novice user needs an affordable, simple thermal imager that handles small tasks with ease, while still offering a good level of image clarity -- and for an affordable price of course. For the novice homeowner, the Fluke TIS10 is the perfect solution.

Fluke TIS10

The Fluke TIS 10 gives homeowners plenty of uses in and around their property, combining a clear image resolution with an added measure of durability. It’s easy to use, easy to analyze, and has a wide enough temperature range of -4°F to 482°F that covers most any situation you’ll encounter.

Fluke TIS10

The TIS10 has a basic screen resolution amount of 80 x 60, giving you plenty of detail and clarity for minor applications such as heat and cooling loss analysis, or inspecting your roof. The camera focuses automatically, making your useage even easier -- you don’t need to be an expert to use this imager.

The large 3.5 inch LCD screen is bigger than many other imagers in its class, giving you a colorful and vibrant screen in which to analyze your findings on the spot.

It's also very easy to hold, and can be secured by using an adjustable strap, preventing any slippage or drops. In the event that you do drop it, the TIS10 will be just fine, as it can survive falls of up to 6.6 feet without any ill effects.

The Fluke TIS10 also comes with some extra bells and whistles, such as Fluke Connect, enabling you to not just connect to other Fluke devices, but easily transfer files to another device, where you can use SmartView software to enhance your images and analyze them even further.

If you prefer video, the TIS10’s 5 MP video capabilities have got you covered. You can even stream the video to compatible devices for others to see in real-time.

The Professional

Thermal imagers such as the TIS10 are versatile enough for both work and home, but sometimes you need a bit extra out of a thermal imager when analyzing larger areas, or as part of your job as a maintenance worker for a large facility.

In this case, the Ti300 is the perfect solution to working professionals who need a dependable thermal imager that offers enhanced clarity, a longer distance, and some added features.

Fluke Ti300

The Fluke Ti300 is a big step up from the TIS10, providing better image quality and some useful features that make it perfect for routine inspections and troubleshooting on a job site, or when inspecting homes on a professional level.

Fluke Ti300

The the factor that sets the Ti300 out the most is the outstanding image clarity and quality, along with an advanced autofocus system that ensures perfect details from a wide range of distances.

The Ti300 comes equipped with a thermal sensor resolution of 240 x 180, giving you vivid images that show impeccable details, right down to the smallest group of pixels. If you are analyzing multiple objects, or more intricate objects such as a circuit breaker, the increased detail is paramount.

The Ti300 is also capable of analyzing a large temperature range, from -4°F to 1,202°F. The imager’s distance to spot ratio is also, coming in at 565:1. This gives you greater flexibility and safety when capturing an image from a long range when there is heavy machinery or electrical arcing involved.

This imager also comes with Fluke Connect software, and video streaming capabilities. Images are saved to a micro SD card, but you also have the option of using a USB flash drive. For those that require a different field of view, Fluke wide angle and tele lenses are available

The Expert

If your job field is related to oil and gas, research and development, or utilities you need a thermal imager that offers the highest level of detail and clarity, from the longest of distances. Field of view is highly important, along with a larger screen to view it with.

Expert thermographers are relied upon to ensure the safety and operability of large machinery, and larger structures and work areas. For these applications, it’s hard to find a better thermal imager than a Fluke FLK-Tix500.

The Fluke FLK-Tix500

Unbeatable image clarity and features make the FLK-Tix500 the top choice of expert thermographers onsite. With a stunning image quality of 320 x 240, this thermal camera provides the most detailed images you can generate, with a super resolution of 640 x 280 when you use Fluke software for further analyzation.

The Fluke FLK-Tix500

The Fluke FLK-Tix500 makes use of a 180 degree articulating lens that gives users better flexibility when getting consistent shots and better video. All of this is displayed on a massive 5.7 inch touchscreen that enables you to annotate, analyze, zoom in, and easily share images.

IR-Fusion technology merges a detailed visual light image into the thermal image, creating a perfect representation of both infrared and visible light. This allows users to truly catch every last detail, even at great distances, made possible by a huge distance to spot ratio of 764:1.

The FLK-Tix500 is basically like using a tablet and military-level thermographer all rolled into one. You get pinpoint detail and focus accuracy, along with a screen and operating unit to work with. Like the ti300, the FLk-Tix500 has a temperature range of -4°F to 1,202°F, and can also accommodate additional wide and tele lenses.

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