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Finding the Right Thermal Camera

Finding the Right Thermal Camera for Sale That Suits Your Needs

So you’ve decided you need a thermal imaging solution, and now you are ready to choose the best thermal camera for sale. The thing is, you aren’t really sure what the right technical specifications

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Cheap Solutions for Thermal Imaging

What is the Best Choice for a Cheap Thermal Imaging Camera?

Shopping for a cheap thermal imaging camera? You’ve come to the right place. When thermal imaging cameras were first developed, they were anything but cheap. The units were big, bulky, hard to move around

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Airplane Thermal Image

What Are the Best Thermal Cameras on the Market?

Do you need a thermal camera to troubleshoot home repairs or to inspect equipment in your home?Are you looking for an affordable, reliable thermal imager or infrared camera to

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best thermal video camera

Best Thermal Video Cameras: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Shopping for a thermal video camera?Check out our list of top picks below.Thermal video cameras identify heat sources in dark or otherwise obscured places. Whether you are reviewing a new motor installation

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flir c3

FLIR C3-X Pocket Thermal Camera Review

The FLIR C3-X pocket thermal camera makes it extremely easy to document repairs, share detailed reports with clients, and search for hidden problems.With a 5MP visual camera, 128x96 pixel thermal resolution,

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FLIR Exx Series (E40, E50, E60)

FLIR Exx Series (E54, E76, E86, E96) – In Depth Review

FLIR EXX SeriesThe FLIR Exx-Series boasts all the features you need to detect signs of building deficiencies, find hot spots, troubleshoot mechanical systems, and prevent problems before they result in

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Compact Thermal Imaging Camera with 80 x 60 IR Resolution and MSX

FLIR Ex Series (E4, E5-XT, E6-XT, E8-XT): In Depth Reviews

The FLIR Ex-Series thermal cameras are extremely powerful thermal inspection tools for building, mechanical, and electrical applications.Boasting up to 320x240 infrared pixel thermal resolution and temperature

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perfect prime thermal camera

Perfect Prime IR281 Thermal Camera Review

The Perfect Prime IR281 is a powerful thermal inspection camera that displays clear images to help you locate issues before they become serious problems.The Perfect Prime IR281 has a clear 2.8-inch touchscreen

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IR0280 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

The PerfectPrime IR0280 Thermal Imaging Camera is a reliable diagnostic tool with excellent features that make inspections easier.The IR0280 is a handheld thermal camera that can also measure a wide range

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thermal imaging fart

Can A Thermal Image Capture Farts on Camera? Myth vs. Reality

Thermal imaging technology has shown its usefulness in a vast selection of applications and businesses over the past decades.While thermal imaging cameras operate by detecting heat energy from living and

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swann pro series hd

Swann 1080P Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera Review

A security camera is a must-have these days. It is an excellent protection tool for both indoor and outdoor applications. They keep you safe from theft and vandalism. While traditional outdoor security

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ht-102 thermal camera review

HTI HT102 Smartphone Thermal Camera Review

Buying a good thermal camera is normally an expensive investment, costing from what a mid-range phone is worth to a few thousand dollars.This just isn’t feasible for a lot of people who just need to

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ht-04 thermal imaging camera review

HTI HT 04 Thermal Camera Review

The HTI HT 04 Thermal Camera is designed for commercial and consumer use. It has exceptional storage capacity and is priced pretty reasonably.The HT 04 captures sharp and clear thermal contrast images

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Thermal imaging smartphones

What Are Thermal Imaging Phones?

If you are the kind of person who is afraid of dim light and the dark, then the only solution is thermal imaging. The thermal imaging camera is a valuable technology that could provide night vision. This

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An HVAC system

HVAC Problems That Can Be Diagnosed and Resolved Through Thermal Imaging Cameras

HVAC systems are a common component in most houses nowadays. HVAC systems provide the required cooling during summers and the required heating during winters. Through optimal temperature control, the

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Thermal imaging camera

Uses of Thermal Imaging Cameras in Healthcare

Researchers around the world are exploring the uses and benefits of thermal imaging cameras and infrared cameras in healthcare diagnosis, medicine and security. Thermal imaging cameras have proven their

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View from a thermal camera

5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thermal Cameras

The thermal camera is a thing of beauty. This wonderful invention has become increasingly affordable for regular consumers, and it has countless benefits across various applications. Hence, would you be

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View from a thermal camera

5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thermal Cameras

The thermal camera is a thing of beauty. This wonderful invention has become increasingly affordable for regular consumers, and it has countless benefits across various applications. As thermal imaging

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Therm-App Thermal Camera for Android: In-Depth Review

Therm-App is a compact thermal camera that connects to your Android smartphone.Unlike other smartphone thermal cameras like FLIR One and Seek Thermal Compact that is meant for beginners, Therm-App is a

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FLIR Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular

FLIR Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular Review

The FLIR Scout TK is an affordable monocular thermal imager that is perfect for hunting, camping, and other low light outdoor applications.The pocket-sized design makes it highly portable while the

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